Adtegrity began as most companies do: with an idea and the right timing.

Scott Brew - Adtegrity President and Chief Executive Officer
Scott Brew – Adtegrity President / CEO

Back in late 1999, Scott Brew, current Adtegrity President/CEO, was working at a large telecom provider. Part of his job was working with clients who needed website hosting. One of these clients, a creator of some very popular flash animations, called Scott one day with a problem. The client explained that his site was in fact so popular that he no longer could afford the hosting bill. At the time, hosting a website came with capped bandwidth, and he had a lot of traffic. There wasn’t  enough revenue through sponsorships and merchandise to cover the cost.

Scott promised the client a solution, and with a fair bit of thought, he hit upon an idea. Recalling the now famous 1st banner ad on Hotwired, Scott knew there was a way for the client to make some revenue through advertising. Scott dug in, exploring the still very new world of online advertising. The answer was there.

With a phone call from Scott, the solution came just in time for the client. Ads could be placed on the site, Scott could manage it, and the client could cover his hosting costs. Done deal. This continued for a short time – Scott managing for a fee, the client earning revenue. If there was one client with this problem, Scott reasoned, there were more. Lots more.

It was then and there that Scott founded Adtegrity. The name came from a discussion with his wife, Emily, about integrity in business. Integrity has always been an important element of Scott’s work. Now, he could actually build culture around that ideal. The name reflected that commitment. It was perfect.

In short order, Scott discovered there were plenty of clients and he was going to need help. He left the telecom provider and recruited former co-workers he knew and respected to join him. This team is still with Adtegrity today, and comprises our C-Suite.

The Adtegrity C-Suite

Kurt Filla - Chief Strategy Officer - Adtegrity
Kurt Filla - CSO
Dustin Turner - Adtegrity CTO
Dustin Turner - CTO
Mike Struyk - COO
Jason Balk - Adtegrity Chief Financial Officer
Jason Balk - CFO

Since then, our family has grown and the industry has seen seismic changes. Adtegrity has persevered through it all, growing and getting stronger each year. Today, Scott’s original vision of doing business with integrity still holds true and is a core part of who we are and what we do.

We’re excited to see where we go next.