Who We Are

Our Values


  • Integrity is how you act when no one else is looking. Since day one, Adtegrity has focused on telling it like it is, treating people fairly, and building long-term relationships on a foundation of trust. It’s why we’ve been around for nearly 2 decades and continue to grow. Experience something real with Adtegrity. No frills, no fluff, just the straight answers you need.
  • Transparency matters. You’ll know where your campaigns run, how your budget is being spent, and if we detect any problems. There’s no sweeping it under the rug, or any black boxes. If we know, you know. Period. Independence. Adtegrity is privately owned and holds no inventory properties of our own. You’ll never have your ads trafficked on our properties, because we don’t own any. That means no double-dipping into your media spend and a truly agnostic approach to your campaign performance.
  • Service. Everybody says they offer great service. We say, prove it! We prove it every day; our clients routinely tell us that we go above and beyond expectations. There are examples all over our site. We work evenings and weekends, and turn around changes faster than you can shake a stick. We make the right decisions for our clients, not the easy ones for us.
  • Compassion. The ad biz has been good to us. Several years ago we established a Community Engagement Committee to give back to the West Michigan community that has done so much for us. We pack lunches, build houses, clean streets, visit facilities, buy toys galore, and volunteer at least monthly (usually more), all on company time. Here are some of the amazing organizations we love to spend time with:
    • Ele’s Place
    • Gildas Club
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • ArtPrize
    • David’s House
    • LaughFest
    • Kid’s Food Basket
    • I Dream Beautiful