Saving Money for The Davis Group

The Davis Group provides innovative media planning and placement services for clients as well as partner agencies.

They’re committed to doing business the right way. That means putting time and money to the best possible use to give clients powerful, focused, cost-effective media strategies and implementation.

Monica Davis, Founder of The Davis Group

Started in 1978 by Monica Davis, The Davis Group became one of the first media agencies in the Austin TX area, not to mention one of the first in the nation.  

As the buzz of digital advertising began to grow, The Davis Group, with a staff of 9 people knew they had to move into digital advertising, but their focus must remain on full-service media. 9 staffers was not enough to effectively run their successful media agency AND deliver digital the Davis Way (the right way).

Digital advertising was happening, but we wanted it to happen the Davis way.

The right partner would be affordable, responsive, and have deep industry knowledge. A partner like that meant that the team at The Davis Group could focus on the media side of the business and deliver the stellar customer service they were known for.

Adtegrity was the perfect fit.

With affordable pricing, great service, and quick turnaround, Adtegrity seemed to be exactly the partner The Davis Group needed. A few campaigns in, they knew they had found a true partner.  With emails returned in minutes (not days), reporting access, and always having the data to back up results, Adtegrity rose above the competition.

Very quickly The Davis Group realized that they were saving money and getting world-class digital advertising services for their clients. What could be better?!

We sat down with Sarah Figueroa and Meenakshi Guatam of The Davis Group to find out more.

Sarah Figueroa | Group Media Director | The Davis Group
Sarah Figueroa | Group Media Director | The Davis Group
Meenakshi Guatam | Director, Media Strategy | The Davis Group

The Davis Group has been in the game for a long time. Can we get a little backstory?

Of course! Monica Davis founded the Davis Group back in 1978. One of the first media buying agencies in Austin, one of the first in the nation to be woman-owned. We just celebrated our 40th anniversary. It’s been an amazing ride. Monica is a real trailblazer, coming from working in TV from the age of 14 to starting two successful businesses that are still operating today. The Davis Group, and Teleclip.

Obviously digital wasn't on the radar in 1978, when did you start to work in digital?

I think we knew straightaway that digital was going to play a major role in media. In the beginning it really was the wild west, so to speak. As things got normalized and people got used to seeing ads online, we were asked more and more for digital advertising services. Finding consistent expertise has always been a challenge. We’ve used a few partners over the years.

Did you consider bringing digital in-house?

No. The Davis Group is small by design, everyone on staff focuses on full-service media. We want to keep it that way and have our area of laser-focused expertise. It’s what our clients know and expect. Adding on digital would mean growing the team substantially to cover everything that needs to be done for digital. We need a managed-service that holds the same ideals as we do with our customers. That’s hard to come by.

What made you choose Adtegrity?

We’ve tested several partners over the years. What we found right away with Adtegrity is that their communication is amazing. We get emails back in minutes, get them back on weekends, on evenings. It’s fantastic! You can sense that the people at Adtegrity really care about their clients.

Apart from that, the reporting of campaign numbers has been great! Adtegrity has a reporting system we can log into, but what sets them apart is how fast they turnaround requests for reports that AREN’T in the system. We love giving clients that sort of responsiveness. It’s really amazing.

Have you been happy with the performance results?

Yes! We’ve found that Adtegrity not only delivers great performance, but the services are really cost-effective. We’ve noticed a difference in our net profit since working with Adtegrity, that says a lot. Clients are happy, we’re getting great results, and we’re saving money… So yeah, I guess you could say, we’re very pleased.

What would you say to another agency considering working with Adtegrity?

Bottom line: You wont be disappointed. You’ll get great results, fast turnaround, and a staff of digital experts without having to hire anyone. The partnership has certainly worked for us!

Saving money in digital advertising

Ready to save money in digital advertising?

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