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Grand Rapids’ own Media Place Partners has been a leader in traditional media planning, buying, and advertising in the Midwest since their founding in 2005. With digital advertising shaking up the industry, MPP knew they had to grow that part of the business. Bringing it in-house seemed like the right move. They hired digital whiz Andrew Kovatch to take the helm in 2016.

Andrew Kovatch - Director of Digital Media - Media Place Partners

Andrew honed his digital skills working for Adtegrity for six years, and he jumped at the chance to serve as Director of Digital Media for MPP.  His job? To service traditional clientele moving into digital advertising, and grow the digital part of the business.

Opportunities always have challenges. This one was no different.

Andrew primarily functioned as a one-man digital department. He wore many hats: sales, setup, management, optimization, reporting…his to-do list was endless. Even with his considerable expertise, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. He knew that to provide the service level MPP was known for and to grow the business, something had to change.

He needed more time, and more resources.

Adtegrity was the missing piece!

With a squad of 40+ people steeped in managing digital from start to finish, and the results to prove it, Adtegrity became the digital advertising department that Andrew was looking for. Andrew was able to turn his focus back to client strategy and has since grown MPP’s digital business 10x. We spent a few minutes with Andrew to find out more.


Andrew, you were quite busy from day one at MPP. What were your main challenges?

Before Adtegrity, MPP leaned on automation. It worked well enough, but I knew we could do better for customers.  Workload meant there was limited time for manual oversight/optimization. We also had limited platform access. I spent less time on projects and options that could help MPP to grow and diversify. Without more time, I couldn’t effectively grow the digital business or efficiently optimize the business we had.  I could drive good performance, but there was no way for me to do it at scale.  For me, it was all about having more time to focus big picture.

Why choose Adtegrity?

Having worked there for six years, I knew Adtegrity had the ability to work at scale. What I mean is, I knew that no matter how fast we grew or what we threw at them, they could keep up. They have the staff, the expertise, and the access we needed.  I knew Adtegrity could save me so much time and I knew that the philosophy of “customer first” was the real deal. It really was a no brainer.  Dave Kettler, the Managing Director of MPP, and I spent a lot of time discussing how things might work. 

When you finally got together with Adtegrity, how long did it take for you to see results?

The change was almost immediate. Within days of sealing the deal, I was able to free up time. Clients noticed. As performance results came in, I became even more confident in the partnership. It’s only gotten better. I’m going to meetings, taking calls, and am more responsive than ever. It’s nice knowing things are handled.

How exactly did your day-to-day change?

There is more time to focus on strategy for clients – to see what digital resources would be best for them in the ever-changing digital environment. I can now spend time thinking big picture and working directly with clients and very little time in the trenches of programmatic advertising.

You mentioned the MPP digital business growing, can you elaborate?

Essentially, working with Adtegrity is like hiring a 40-person department to handle digital.  I can focus on clients and strategy all while remaining confident that the backend is being taken care of.  Adtegrity gives us the horsepower we need to grow. Further than that, they back it up with results.

In the 12 months since partnering with Adtegrity, we’ve grown our digital business 10x. Our capacity is so much larger, but our clients still get the same hands on approach MPP is known for. And the results, I can’t say it enough, Adtegrity is delivering great results for our clients.

Would you recommend Adtegrity to agencies like MPP?

Absolutely, if you want to scale digital for your business or agency, you’re going to have to have an answer. For us, Adtegrity was that answer. For no additional cost beyond what we were already spending on media, we got the horsepower we needed to scale. And scale we did.  I’m able to run our entire digital business now and focus on clients. Adtegrity helped make that happen.

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