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Kirvin Doak Communications (KDC) delivers results-driven marketing communications campaigns for some of the most successful organizations in the fields of travel and hospitality, entertainment, gaming, attractions, non-profit and healthcare. Based in Las Vegas, their understanding of the local market and Nevada is unparalleled.

Dave Kirvin | Partner
Bill Doak | Partner at Kirvin Doak Communications
Bill Doak | Partner

Founded in 2002, in a city dependent on tourists and beloved by locals, KDC has an insider’s understanding of the Las Vegas market. As one of the largest and most respected independent firms on the West Coast, KDC has more than 50 bright minds on staff, all led by a senior team who average nearly two decades of experience.

KDC routinely delivers smashing results for a local, regional, and national clients. In 2009, when looking for a new digital advertising partner, KDC needed someone who could do the same, without any hand-holding. They began vetting digital agencies.

Who knew a random search would become a lasting relationship.

During the vetting process, Adtegrity surfaced in search results. They sure appeared to be the whole package: digital media planning, buying, campaign implementation, optimization and a 24/7 reporting system.  It all sounded great, but then again, every digital agency website touted these things. KDC set about vetting Adtegrity with a campaign for Vegas Deluxe.

Spoiler Alert : Adtegrity crushed it!

Adtegrity delivered excellent results for the Vegas Deluxe campaign. KDC were impressed. The results were great, and the working relationship was comfortable and easy. The fit was just right. What started as a random search and test campaign has blossomed into a long-term partnership that continues to this day. We rang up Liz Lundstrum, Media Director for Kirvin Doak Communications to get the details.

Liz Lundstrum | Media Director

A random search turned up Adtegrity?

Yes! KDC found Adtegrity as the result of looking for opportunities to expand our business. Part of that was scaling our digital portfolio. We knew digital was only going to get bigger for KDC, we had to have the right partner to make it work.  In the process of looking for that partner and vetting various options, I found Adtegrity. On paper, things looked great. The real test would be running a campaign and seeing results. I worked with Chad Jansen at Adtegrity and we set it up. Adtegrity delivered!

What surprised you most about Adtegrity?

In the interest of due diligence, and looking out for the best interest of KDC, I’m always vetting options. Any other campaign I’ve run with any other vendor has never matched up to the results Adtegrity has consistently provided. Consistency is a rare commodity these days, and especially in digital. Regardless of the campaign, the brand, or the goals – Adtegrity results have been consistently good. I’m convinced it’s the attention to detail the Adtegrity staff gives every campaign. 

So it's safe to say, you're happy with the results?

Honestly, we wouldn’t continue working with any vendor if we weren’t happy.  Everyone says they optimize campaigns, but anything we run with Adtegrity, well it’s clearly been optimized… the results prove it . Things aren’t on autopilot like some other vendors, I’m sure there is some automation but there’s something else too. There is clearly a difference in the way Adtegrity gets things done.

Can you tell us about a campaign that worked really well?

Absolutely. For the last 3 years the show Absinthe has been a huge success story. Since returning to Ceasar’s Palace, it’s been blowing the market away. They have almost doubled their ticket prices and the ROI is awesome! We attribute much of that success to the digital portion of the campaign handled by Adtegrity.

What do you like best about working with Adtegrity?

Results are hugely important, for sure. But Adtegrity has more than results. For me, it’s the people. I’ve developed a great relationship with Chad and Katie. We talk like old friends, “remember this campaign, or when that happened…”. Such an amazing team makes the experience better. They have a lot of knowledge not only about the industry, but about us. That makes a huge difference too. Las Vegas tourism is a unique market. Having to explain it time and again to new vendors is time consuming. I don’t have to do that with Adtegrity. They know it, they know us, they get it.

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