Campaign Results


With our Central reporting interface, you have access to your digital advertising campaign results –  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Central Reporting provides:

  • Unification – Campaign data from all inventory sources, tactics, and creative assets.
  • Customization – Need something special? We’ve got you covered with nearly any data you need to review. Just ask your account manager.
  • White Labeling – Provide client access to dashboard with your brand and all of their data in one place. Our white label solution delivers client access, admin access, margin management, and complete control for agencies.
Digital advertising campaign results reporting screenshot


Digital advertising campaign results DBrief screenshot

At the end of each campaign flight, your Account Executive and other members of the Adtegrity team discuss your campaign at length. We review how the campaign performed, what worked, and what to work on in the next flight. When complete, you receive a D-Brief report that details these findings.

What performance breakdowns can you find in a D-Brief?


D-Briefs are complementary with all campaigns and are yours to keep, no matter where your next campaign flight takes you.