Once your campaign is up and running, we don’t set it and forget it. Your Account Manager constantly monitors performance and makes budget and tactic recommendations to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly. Our goal is putting your dollars to work in the most efficient way possible.

  • Budget Flexibility
    Adtegrity offers flexible minimum spends for digital advertising clients. Flexible minimums are perfect for those clients who don’t have a large budget, need to test, or have an incremental budget. Test Adtegrity using our flexible minimums, and watch us grow that test into a long-term relationship.
  • Optimization Strategy
    Campaigns with Adtegrity start with a blend of tactics, targeting, and inventory sources best suited to deliver your ideal customer.  Decisions are informed by nearly two decades of historical campaign data, reviewed, adjusted, then implemented by our expert staff.

Once live, Account Managers diligently oversee every campaign daily. We watch for inventory availability, monitor and adjust bid pricing, capitalize on trends, and steer around hazards. Every decision made is with campaign performance in mind.

  • SmartSuite
    Advertising moves fast. The resulting data is filled with opportunities you can’t afford to miss. But, how are you supposed to keep tabs on millions of data points from several different sources? What’s actionable and what isn’t? Even more important, what’s the right course of action? Our answer: SmartSuite. We took the best stuff from the heads of our seasoned team – the proven processes that work – and gave it access to current as well as nearly two decades of historical data.  The result is a system that: 

    • Analyzes millions of data points from several sources, all at once.
    • Detects and flags trends, no matter how small they are.
    • Suggests a course of action based on years of historical experience.
    • Deploys Account Manager adjustments efficiently across placements in real time.
    • Works with any pricing, goal, or conversion attribution model.

SmartSuite keeps us efficient and informed. That means your campaigns see improved performance, and you have meaningful results.