The start of a campaign is always exciting; it’s fresh, new, and you’re looking forward to getting it off the ground. But what about the end of a campaign? At best, you get a quick email telling you how the campaign went – otherwise, it’s onto the next with little to no information. D-Briefs change all that, giving you a comprehensive campaign analysis from start to finish.

At the end of each campaign, the Account Executive, Account Managers, and Data Analysts sit down to discuss what we did, how we performed, and suggestions for next time. To put it plainly, the people that know your campaign best provide the information and recommendations for you to put into action as you see fit.


So what can you expect from a D-Brief? Take a gander...
  • Performance breakdown by strategy

  • Performance by channels/sites

  • Performance over Time (by day and by month)

  • Best performing days of the week

  • Best performing time of day

  • Performance by creative message and size

  • Performance by geo

All customizable with the metrics you need.

We firmly believe that every bit of your campaign data is truly YOUR data and you deserve a full picture of the campaign. A D-Brief provides that. Not only is it valuable information, but it’s yours to keep and to use on your next flight, be that with us or someone else.


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