The IAB recommends a 70% viewability threshold. That is, 70% of all the ads run in a campaign should be in view of a user. As an advertiser, you'd love to have 100% viewability—it's just not technologically possible yet. The next best thing? Paying for only viewable ads. We call it vCPM.


with vCPM, you only pay for ads that are seen, nothing else.

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With other models, you get the impressions, but not the impact. vCPM is different. It's different because although you may have a large amount of impressions attributed to your campaign, you aren't charged for any that are not viewable. Nice, right? 

Viewable ads are ads that have 50% of their pixels in view of the user for at least one second. Of course, that's the bare minimum. At Adtegrity, we optimize towards placements that have not only a high viewability rating, but also high measurability AND longer view durations.

As you've come to expect with Adtegrity, we utilize the best in the business to measure viewability: Pixalate and MOAT.




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