Built to help customers gain access to niche targets, our strategies can be used alone or mixed together to create successful campaigns. Build, target, and extend your audience with comprehensive digital advertising strategies from Adtegrity.


BidBright Digital Advertising Strategy


Maximize exposure, reduce cost, and increase overall performance. 

Connected TV

Connected TV

Give viewers a lean-back experience as they watch digital content on their TV.

Contextual Digital Advertising Strategy


Target individual websites based on the real meaning of the content along with keywords for highly accurate placements.

Echo Digital Advertising Strategy


Narrow your scope and run on proven, cost-effective sites and see an increase in the performance of your campaigns.

MarketFit Digital Advertising Strategy


Hand-pick content channels to find your audience and reach them where they spend time online.

Retargeting with Adtegrity


Gather a highly qualified audience who has previously visited your site and target them directly.

Spyglass Digital Advertising Strategy


Gain insight on where your competition is running their campaigns, and be placed on those sites and similar sites.



Engage users based on their habits and affinities to build audiences that are in line with your target market.

Conquesting Strategy from Adtegrity


Target users who are in the market for a product like yours, and engage your competition's audience in the process.

CRM Bridge Strategy

CRM Bridge

Utilize your 1st-party CRM data to create private audiences that only you can target, re-target, and convert.

Facebook Digital Advertising Strategy


Experience an increase in performance by targeting the largest social media audience in the world.

Native Content

Native Content

Reach your audience with ad units that look and act like the other content on the site they are visiting.

Search Engine Marketing SEM


Deliver active, targeted users to your landing pages with Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


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