Advertising trends move fast, and the resulting data is filled with opportunities you can’t afford to miss. But how are you supposed to keep tabs on millions of data points from several different sources? What’s actionable and what isn’t? Even more important, what’s the right course of action? Our answer: SmartSuite.


Smart... what?

SmartSuite is a proprietary set of optimization tools with designs based on our years of experience making campaigns perform better. In other words, we took all the good stuff from the heads of our expert Account Managers and Data Analysts and baked it in. As we develop new strategies and the industry changes, SmartSuite gets upgraded along the way.


SmartSuite can:

  • Analyze millions of data points from several sources, all at once.
  • Detect and flag trends, no matter how small they are.
  • Suggest a course of action based on years of historical experience.
  • Deploy Account Manager adjustments efficiently across placements in real time.
  • Work with any pricing, goal, or conversion attribution model.


Why not automate it all?

Frankly, we could. However, we believe that the final decision about how to proceed with campaign changes is best handled by your Account Manager. For you, that means your Account Manager is fully informed about what’s happening with your campaign at any given time, and that translates to you being informed. Data informs our decisions and we rely heavily on it. When it gets down to it, your Account Manager is making the final calls based on your unique needs and goals.


More Good, Less Bad; that’s optimization.

SmartSuite makes it scalable and efficient. Human oversight makes it unique to you.


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