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At Adtegrity, optimization starts long before your campaign launches, it starts at the planning stage. Our team crafts a unique plan for every campaign we run. Nothing is left to chance. Campaigns with Adtegrity are set up to succeed from the beginning with a blend of strategies, inventory sources, and targeting options that are best suited to deliver on your goals and to your ideal customer. With over 16 years in the business, Adtegrity has a wealth of historical data we use to inform our decisions about when, where, and how campaigns should run.

When your campaign goes live, Adtegrity steps up our optimization efforts even further. We diligently monitor each and every campaign, watching for inventory availability and bid prices that can increase or decrease without warning.

Our Account Management Team guides clients' active campaigns towards the highest levels of success.Adtegrity utilizes a combination of automation via our SmartSuite Optimization and hands-on day-to-day monitoring and adjustment. We look for trends and dig through data, never satisfied with the status quo, we're always looking to improve performance.

Adtegrity makes the difference with a customized approach unique to each campaign: a combination of automation and human interaction, and dedication to our clients' success.

Kiki Collinsworth | MBMG
Adtegrity’s Account Management is always on point! Katie is always there to answer whatever question I might have and that is truly appreciated.

Kiki Collinsworth - MBMG


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