Flexible Budgets

Flexible Budgets

We believe in making the right choice for you and your digital advertising campaign, every single time. So much so, that we've built our entire structure around the ability to be flexible in ways that make that possible. In a sea of also-rans, it's one of the many ways Adtegrity is different.

Adtegrity offers flexible minimum spends for digital advertising clients. Flexible minimums are perfect for those clients who don't have a large budget, need to test, or have an incremental budget. Test Adtegrity using our flexible minimums, and watch us grow that test into a long-term relationship.

Of course we offer all the pricing models you've come to expect from a top-tier digital advertising service provider. 



Display advertising with Adtegrity
Whether you call them display ads, or good old banner ads, Adtegrity's got em. With reach into the billions per day across the full spectrum of user interests we can put your ad in front of the right person at the right time.

Mobile Advertising with Adtegrity
Connect with your target audience while they are on the go with mobile advertising.   Choose from mobile web and mobile in-app.

Video advertising with Adtegrity
Increase engagement and awareness by running a 15- or 30-second video asset and track, optimize, and report based on completed views.

Social Advertising with Adtegrity
Round out your campaign with social advertising and improve performance on audience-based campaigns.

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