We do more.

You've got your pick of firms to handle your digital advertising.  But there's a huge difference between flipping an "on" switch and setting you up for success.  Over the years, Adtegrity has amassed a collection of value-added services that go beyond flipping a switch.

  • Discovery - Knowledge is power.  We learn more about you and your business than just budgets and flight dates.  Our decisions are based not only on your goals but how you do business.

  • Asset Audits - A complete review of your creative assets, landing pages, and thank-you pages. We'll guide you to best practices designed to increase conversions. Learn more.

  • In-Flight Communication - The veteran Account Managers at Adtegrity keep you in the loop, make recommendations, and put the changes to keep you trending up in place.

  • Unified Reporting - Central, our online reporting service, unifies your campaign data from inventory sources, strategies, and creatives into one comprehensive interface.

  • Customized Reporting - If you're in need of something special, we've got you covered.  We can customize reports with nearly any data you need and send them directly to your email. 

  • White Label Reporting - Give your clients access to a branded dashboard that unifies their reporting data.  Our white label solution gives you client access, admin access including margin management, and complete control. Learn more.

  • D-Brief Service - When campaigns end Adtegrity delivers a highly detailed post-mortem report that covers what worked, what could improve, and recommendations for your next flight. Learn more.


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