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Timm Peterson
Director of Sales
  • Timm Peterson is Digital Media Sales Certified.
  • Timm Peterson is Digital Ad Operations Certified.
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It was mid-May, in the middle of the morning, when Timm took his first breath. While the youngest of three children at the time, the next decade would place him right in the middle of his siblings: number three of six and number three of the five boys. Throughout the first couple decades of his life, Timm was no stranger to being in, or things of, the middle. Early on, there was confusion with proper use of his middle finger, owning the middle seat on family road trips, occupying space as the center on his grade school basketball team, and spending summers near the North 45th Parallel (half way between the equator and the North Pole). 

As Timm grew he was still in the thick of it, competing on the gridiron as an interior lineman in high school, celebrating in the tunnel at Michigan Stadium with Charles Woodson and the rest of the heroic victors (who had just valiantly conquered their arch rival and were on their way to becoming the champions of the west), and connecting with neature by climbing inside of a full sized bear costume (used for a marketing class presentation at WMU’s Haworth College of Business) and ordering a Labatt Blue at the local pub. No matter what it was, Timm always felt at home being right in the middle of the action.

It was another mid-morning, in the middle of May of 2008, when Timm started his work at Adtegrity. Naturally, he wound up at a desk in the middle of the office. Four months later on a mid-September Saturday, in the middle of the afternoon, and while being enveloped by what was left of Hurricane Ike, he married his beloved, Amelia. Timm cut his teeth in the evolving digital marketing world as a Publisher Relations Associate at Adtegrity.

Quickly picking up on the ins and outs of the industry, he transitioned into a sales role within Adtegrity. In his current role as Director of Sales, Timm has helped build first class recommendations and find solutions for numerus clients of Adtegrity’s and their clients. While he is no longer sitting at a desk in the middle of the office, rest assured: he is still right in the midst of whatever project he is collaborating on; making sure that all of the t’s are crossed, i’s are dotted, and that the m’s come in pairs.

My older brothers will tell you that I have a second ‘m’ in my name because I was simply too big for just one.
My springer spaniel, Moses, has yet to duplicate his biblical namesake’s feat of parting a body of water, but he never turns down an opportunity to jump in and try.
Inspired by Lumbergh’s declaration in Office Space, I spice it up a little on Friday’s, by donning a Hawaiian Shirt, Festive Sweater, Collegiate Garb, or other seasonally appropriate attire.



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