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Tim Woodcox
Account Executive
  • Tim Woodcox is Digital Media Sales Certified.
  • Tim Woodcox is Digital Ad Operations Certified.
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Born and raised in West Michigan, Tim has always placed high value on family, friends, and cultivating relationships, while testing the boundaries of authority and rules. After starting at Grand Valley State University in 1998, Tim dropped out of school a few years later to feed his entrepreneur spirit. A decade of betting on himself exposed Tim to a different perspective. After changing directions, Tim walked away from his business and spent 3 years at MLive Media Group developing customized online marketing strategies with local and national clients before happily finding his way to Adtegrity. 

The focus of Tim's career involves developing purpose, faith, and leadership skills. Still searching for the adrenaline rush and excitement that playing quarterback used to give him, Tim gets into flow by having a strong brand or product to talk to others about. He loves to recommend ideas and shines when he can speak passionately on behalf of the needs of the team. He has a knack for bringing others together and strives to be top notch, progressively realizing a worthy ideal. Tim shapes himself to suit his surroundings, listening and learning before acting, connecting the right people at the right time. He is energized by others and enjoys bringing people together to grow value for others, preferring constant conversation with his ear to the ground, not isolated from the crowd or stuck in the back office. 

Outside of work, Tim is happily married with four spawn. His wife will point out that Tim talks loud and is a mouth breather. He’s moved on from frosted tips and earrings from his DJ and bartending days, but there’s a rumor that he’s a fantastic dancer, reminiscent of MJ and Timberlake. (His wife and dance floors across Beer City highly disagree.) They say love has no bounds, and he tests this theory often. To show his offspring that taking risks in life is healthy, he once did a cannon ball into a pool from the second story of a house. That result was better than the time he jumped onto a trampoline from the second story of a house…

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I'm a Michigan Wolverines fan. My wife is a Sparty fan...winter is coming.
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My oldest son was born in the fall of my senior year of HS. I have 3 sons and a daughter. My oldest and youngest are 18 years apart.
My wife lived in one house growing up and went to private school. I lived in 10 different places growing up and went to 6 different public schools. Yes, I married way, way up! #winner


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