Paul Cordes | Adtegrity Political Practice Director
Paul Cordes
Political Practice Director
  • Paul Cordes is Digital Media Sales Certified.
  • Paul Cordes is Digital Ad Operations Certified.
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 A political junkie since a depressingly young age, Paul worked on his first campaign as a volunteer until 2004 and has been unable to escape the grip of Republican politics since then.

After a complete lack of athletic talent forced Paul to abandon his dreams of becoming professional athlete he dabbled in sports journalism and the restaurant business before deciding to take on the world of GOP politics fulltime. A Nebraska Cornhusker by birth and a Minnesota Golden Gopher alumni, Paul moved to Michigan in 2012 with the Romney effort, adding another Big Ten state to his residency resume.

Paul’s worked on and run numerous campaigns in multiple states and spent four years running the third largest County Party in the nation prior to joining Adtegrity in 2016. He now focuses solely on helping candidates own the world of digital campaigns to win elections and working to educate the only remaining industry who still relies on land lines and snail mail for the majority of its communication.

When not in the office, you can likely find Paul in a sand bunker at a cheap golf course, attempting but failing to catch fish at any number of local bodies of water or at an Irish Pub contemplating how to save the country.

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Though I’ve added Harley to the garage, I still drive a pick-up truck I purchased as a sophomore in High School 280,000 miles strong.
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Fall is the undisputed champion of seasons as it contains my favorite things, the World Series, college football and Oktoberfest beers.
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Oldest of four very close brothers who have replaced fights over the last Popsicle with fights over politics.



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