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Maria Kutches
Account Executive
  • Maria Kutches is Digital Media Sales Certified.
  • Maria Kutches is Digital Ad Operations Certified.
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A Midwest native, Maria spent time in Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois before settling down in Grand Rapids. After graduating from Western Michigan University, she worked for a small Chicago ad agency gaining experience wearing many hats and getting her hands into all things marketing. Upon her return to Michigan she spent 3 years at MLive Media Group selling customized marketing strategies to local and national clients before happily finding her way to Adtegrity. She absolutely loves Star Wars, Broadway musicals, and thriller novels. She and her husband are happy parents to Loki, the cutest little mutt you've ever seen, and spend most of their time figuring out ways to bring him everywhere they go.
Harry Potter books
I've lost count of how many times I've reread Harry Potter.
Trivia Winner
I can recite along with every episode of Friends and won a trivia tournament in NYC in 2016.
I'm extremely curious and obsess over things very quickly, which means I'm constantly Googling things I need to know the answer to RIGHT NOW!



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