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Griffin Engel
Account Associate
  • Griffin Engel is Digital Media Sales Certified.
  • Griffin Engel is Digital Ad Operations Certified.
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Griffin started off in the great wide world of business at the ripe age of eight, creating signs that marketed his homemade chocolate chip muffins to his third grade class. Since that day, his height may have changed, but his love for baked goods and good ads has not.

Bred on the green and white, Griffin spent his college years at Michigan State, and after earning an odd degree combination of a bachelor’s in advertising and a specialization in natural resource recreation, he took his talents to the far east, spending a year jumping between the corporate and literal jungles of Thailand. There he learned how to survive in a city of 12 million people, the importance of talent development in organizations, and how to properly de-shell a crab.

On return to the mitten state, Griffin found himself happily positioned in the role as Digital Muffin Strategist (aka Account Associate) for Adtegrity. This provides the chance to build the lasting relationships clients have come to know and loaf (pun intended). New to Adtegrity, but well-versed in media and management, Griffin spends his days courting clicks, aiding accounts, and serving strategy.

On weekends, you will more than likely find Griffin climbing a tree.


I’ve ridden an Ostrich. It’s not a smooth ride but the MPG is incredible.

I would rather sleep in a hammock than a bed.
The only polar plunge I’ve ever done was performed in full Santa costume.



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