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Get Answers

What does Adtegrity do?
Adtegrity provides managed digital advertising services for small to medium-sized agencies and businesses.  If that sounds like you, and you don't have digital advertising services in-house, we're your new best friend.   We're not a broker or a media buyer.   We're a soup to nuts service provider that plans, places, manages, and reports on your or your clients digital advertising campaigns.
Does Adtegrity have access to mobile and video inventory?


In addition to an amazing amount of standard display inventory, Adtegrity has access to an incredible volume of both mobile and video traffic.   Because we have access to so many inventory sources, our reach is nearly unlimited.

Download our Media Kit for more details.

How much does Adtegrity charge?
Adtegrity does not have flat pricing.  Like most of you, we earn our revenue based on the performance of the campaigns we run for our clients.  In other words, the better we do our job, the more revenue we earn.
What is Adtegrity's minimum budget?
Adtegrity does not require a minimum budget for campaigns.  We have a flexible minimum budget policy for partners and clients who we believe can become long-term partners.  Our goal is to come alongside clients and create lasting relationships, not take the budget and move on to the next client.  Your success is important to us.
Does all my budget go to media spend?


Unlike a traditional agency that bills separately for services, then takes a % of your media spend, Adtegrity bakes all our costs into your total budget amount.   Additional services beyond simply placing the buy include:

  • Campaign Planning
    • Strategies
    • Pixel Placements
    • Conversion funnel review
  • Campaign Placement
    • Access costs to exchanges and inventory sources
    • 3rd party costs for services like viewability and fraud protection
    • Expedited creative approval and trafficking
  • Campaign Management
    • Monitoring and Daily Optimization
    • Budget allocation adjustments by strategy, inventory source, creative and more
  • Campaign Results
    • Reporting
    • Custom Reporting
    • D-Brief Service


I want to put ads on my website, can I work with Adtegrity?

Sorry, no.

Adtegrity does not work with site owners or site publishers for the purposes of placing ads on your site.  Most websites are now aggregated by large inventory sources and exchanges.   Adtegrity owns seats and has access to these inventory sources and we can access most websites in that manner.


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