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Erica Brown
Account Executive
  • Erica Brown is Digital Media Sales Certified.
  • Erica Brown is Digital Ad Operations Certified.
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A Great Lakes State girl her whole life, wanderlust hit Erica hard in 2014. After a stint in the Philippines in college, the prospect of connections and experiences to be made and had drove her to trade the world of steel sales for an opportunity as an ESL instructor in Hangzhou, China. After a year of mastering how to order food, direct a cab, and barter at markets in Mandarin, while hopefully instilling some knowledge in her students of how to do the same in English – Erica spent another couple months backpacking in Southeastern Asia. Finally she returned to Grand Rapids, her home of many years and where she lived while obtaining her B.A. in Marketing from Grand Valley State University. All of Erica’s outgoing energy and passion for connecting with others made for a natural fit in a client facing position at Adtegrity. Working as an Account Executive,  Erica helps our clients inject digital strategy into their marketing plans, while pursuing new business daily.   

Outside of work, Erica spends her time acting as Breakfast Coordinator for Creative Mornings Grand Rapids, frequenting local breweries (Grand Rapids is “Beer City” after all), and hitting up most all live music/dance parties.

Scrabble is my favorite game and I’ll defeat any challenger!
Language-learning app
I’m the voice for the majority of the content for an English learning app in China. (It has over 2 million users)
Eames chair
I rearrange my furniture at least once a week.



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