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Brieanne Bialochowski
Account Executive
  • Brieanne Bialochowski is Digital Media Sales Certified.
  • Brieanne Bialochowski is Digital Ad Operations Certified.
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Brieanne is a natural born conversationalist. Mastering the skill of conversation came early and naturally to this one, and this skill has proven its weight in gold allowing her to get clients gabbing about the things that make them tick. Communication is key in doing what she loves: building long-lasting client relationships on a foundation of trust, transparency and results. Brie comes to Adtegrity after spending over 2 years in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of automotive advertising with MLive Media Group. This experience prepared her for anything life can throw her way – whether it be crafting a customized digital strategy, changing a flat tire, or negotiating a car deal, nothing can phase this one.

Outside of the office, she spends her time with her husband obsessing over their two fur-babies, Apollo and Kai’la, a Siberian Husky and German Shepherd who are infatuated with the dog park, or finding their way around the golf course. 

Drive-in movie lover

My husband and I are self-proclaimed Drive-in Movie dorks, and have traveled around Michigan frequenting its remaining theaters.

Obsessed with Christmas

I'm absolutely obsessed with Christmas – requiring the largest tree possible and copious amounts of baking every year.

Happy tooth

I have an uncanny amount of random dental knowledge from my "previous life" of working in an oral surgery practice for 9 years.



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