Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 1999, Adtegrity mixes together best-in-class technology, personality, and a competitive spirit to form a digital solutions provider that does things differently. We push ourselves to learn more, to be better, and to grow as a company to offer a better customer experience. How do we do it? By fostering a community of people who are dead-set on service — to clients, to their co-workers, and to their communities.

It's not enough to have the latest and greatest technology when no one keeps a watchful eye on how it's affecting your campaigns. At Adtegrity, we couple best-in-class technology providers with a fierce commitment to the customer to bridge that gap. We top it off with a healthy dose of helpful information and insightful advice to create a standout choice in a world of endless options.

We think there's much more to digital advertising than technology. At Adtegrity, we are data powered, human driven.


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