Managed Digital Advertising

made simple.

For over 16 years, Adtegrity has been putting display ads like banners, mobile ads, and video ads on websites and devices. Frankly, we're damn good at it. We specialize in working with small to medium-size agencies and businesses just like you.

Our clients love us. You will too - here's why.


Adtegrity balances the power of programmatic with the human expertise that only 16+ years in the business can provide. Our strategies are time-tested, and our results tell the story. Are you ready for amazing results on your campaigns?
Yes! Tell me how Adtegrity delivers amazing results.
Steve Shaffer - JCF Marketing
We’ve increased our spending with Adtegrity because ad performance and service are both good. First and foremost, the numbers have to be there. We also expect a quick response to any questions, quick resolution to any problems, proactive suggestions to improve numbers or process, and accurate billing. Adtegrity has provided us with all of this!

Steve Shaffer - Media Manager -JCF Marketing


There's a huge difference between flipping an "on" switch and setting you up for success. Adtegrity wants your campaigns, and you, to succeed. We prove it every day.
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I can count on Adtegrity to reach our target audience quickly and efficiently. When compared to other vendors, their quality inventory is some of the best priced in the business; this coupled with their excellent customer service makes them one of our most trusted vendor/partner relationships.

Shannon B. Chatlos | VP, Digital | Strategic Partners & Media, LLC


One size does not fit all—every campaign and every business are different. We've built ourselves to be incredibly flexible in nearly every aspect of digital advertising.
Yes! Tell me more about Adtegrity's flexiblity.
Roger Bills | Director of Marketing | G3 Boats - Yamaha
The results were outstanding. The Adtegrity team helped us place more potential buyers in communication with more dealers than any other digital program we’ve tried. We highly recommend their services.

Roger Bills | Director of Marketing | G3 Boats/Yamaha